Snohomish Doors

Barn Doors

Typical sliding doors used to be the go-to for your closet needs. Now, barn doors have made their way into homes giving them a rustic new look. Want to match the beautiful rustic feel of Snohomish, WA in your own home? Want a different style bathroom door? Have a washer and dryer that’s causing an eyesore in your hallway? Want to keep a room open without the awkward bulk from a regular folding door? A sliding barn door can be the solution to all these problems. We can help you create the perfect look you have in mind for you home!

Entry Doors

At Interbay Door, entry doors provide a key beauty point to the outside of your home, while also giving you security and durability. We will help get you the door that matches the style and image you want for your house. We have a great team that has extensive knowledge of doors. Because we’ve been in business for so long we know about the fine details others might miss. We promise to give our best work for every project we receive. We will continue to meet your expectations when you choose us. You’ll be seeing and using our products every day, and we want you to be satisfied with your home.

External Doors

If you are looking for quality exterior doors, we can help you. We can help order and fabricate the ideal exterior door you have in mind. Because we don’t carry an inventory, what you want is what you’ll get. There are so many details when creating a door, we want it to be perfect for your space. Interbay Door will help make your home stand out, we want to deliver luxury, high quality products. Choosing us for a new front door will help you add a beautiful focal point to your home. You want a strong, durable front door that can make you feel safe when you close it behind you. When you have visitors your front door will be the first things they see/first impression of your house. When they go to close it and feel the heaviness of the door, they know you haven’t skimped on the craftsmanship.

 Emtek Hardware

Interbay Door is committed to bringing your visions to life. Door hardware is more than just a way to open, close, or secure a space. We know how much simple products, like door hardware, can elevate the look in a room. There is no set mix of knobs, levers, finishes, etc. We let you mix and match for the perfect combinations you’ll be happy with.

Emtek Hardware has a massive variety of hardware from stainless steel to aged bronze. If you can think of it, Emtek probably has it. We’re here to help you figure out all the tiny details for the best results.


Interbay Door gladly lives up to their name for great quality doors for the home, as well as amazing millwork. We provide you with the finishing touches on a room, you may forget to think of. It’s crazy how simple trim or the frame of a door can elevate the look. You can trust us to get the fine details right.

When you remodeling or building a home, the small details are important! Interbay Door, in Snohomish, WA, will help tie everything together with the fine details. Some of the products we offer are, moulding, trim, stair parts, railing, and much more. Contact us and let us know the vision for your space and we will gladly work with you to bring in the appropriate millwork to put the cherry on top!

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