Interior Doors

Interior Doors

You will find hundreds of options for your new construction project, from budget to unique & custom.   We can supply doors for a multi-family townhome, a real estate flip,  or a remodeling project.  At Interbay Door we also have set the standard for quality with local custom builders.   We look forward to working with you on your next project!

When you are choosing the design style for your home, one of the big details you have to select is the interior doors. If you are remodeling your Seattle area home, consider calling Interbay Door to find help with your interior doors. There are so many options available to fit with your style and design aesthetic. Customer service is our highest priority, we will work with you to find the best quality doors for your budget. We are here to answer questions every step of the way, ensuring that you will be completely satisfied with your new doors after installation.

Whether your new doors are for a new home or your are looking to replace interior doors in your older home, we can help! Contact our experienced team at 425-485-6404 today to discuss the different options we have and what your goals are for your project. We are happy to work with you to find the products and services that will be meet your needs.

Budget is obviously very important when it comes to home remodels or new construction. You also don’t want to sacrifice quality or aesthetic by selecting the cheapest door, but one that doesn’t match the rest of your house. That is where Interbay Door comes in! We will work with you, at your budget, to give you a wide selection of choices for your project.

Here are some of the most common door types our customers choose. Feel free to call today to get information on cost and selection!

  • Flush Doors. A flush door is one that is flat and simple, and the most affordable. Flush doors are classic, with no panels or designs.
  • Panel Doors. A panel door is probably the most common type of door. It is often used in new and remodels. It has square or rectangular patterns in large or small sections. You can choose the design based on your preferences. Some of these doors feature decorative finishes.
  • Sliding Doors. Exactly like it sounds, sliding doors are great for small spaces. Although commonly used in exterior spaces, a sliding door can be a great choice and many people choose sliding or barn-style doors for their creative look and the way they can open a space.
  • French Doors. Installing French doors are a great way to add style in your home. These type of doors lend them selves to a dramatic entrance. French doors often have glass panels or decorative panels and swing toward each other. Many people use them for doors on an office or study.
  • Bifold Doors. Bifold doors are used most often on closets. It’s a great ideas for those spots that don’t have enough room for a door to swing. They are mounted on a track and fold into each other in the middle.

Those are just some of the options we have available at Interbay Door. If you have questions or are ready to discuss the different Interior Doors we can install in your home, don’t hesitate to call! 425-485-6404!